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Services & Prices

Dr Gary and Nurse Jill are Chattanooga’s Premier Injection Specialists. We provide you with our proven expertise and safe, cost-effective treatments.  We aim to give you tasteful natural-looking results every time! We offer some of the best price points in the region and over-the-top customer service.  Botox and Dysport prices at bottom of page


LYFT  $565:
Recently FDA approved for mid-face lift, (same as Voluma) with better price-point and more visible Lift. LYFT Filler adds volume & lift to cheeks, deep nasolabial folds, jowls & jawline. LYFT is made of hyaluronic acid (HA) that has been modified to last longer while it works with your collagen to keep your face smooth and supple.


RESTYLANE L $545 (with Lidocaine):

Exclusively for Lips, Mouth area, Dark under eye circles and Tear Troughs Mouth Area treatments including LipStick lines, mild mouth area wrinkles and Lips. We also use Restylane L for Tear Troughs. Restylane L comes with lidocaine and with Nurse Jill’s pre-injection numbing cream makes it a painless procedure for these sensitive areas. See our gallery for Nurse’s Jill’s artistry and lovable tasteful results every time! *NOTE: We do not use Volbella, Silk or Belotero in these areas because patients complain of increased swelling and sub-optimal results compared to Restylane L


Is a “softer” version of LYFT and great for more mild volume loss in nasolabial folds and other areas with mild folds and volume loss.


JUVEDERM XC and Ultra Plus $545:
This time-proven filler adds more volume than regular JUVEDERM Ultra and is great for nasolabial furrows (the parentheses) and reversing frowning/sad looking mouth corners. We sometimes use it to “top-off” Voluma and Radiesse Facelifts when more volume is desired.


Has more Lifting power than Perlane & Voluma; ideal for a wonderful instant lift for moderate to severe ‘sagging’ cheeks, jowls and jawlines. It’s our preferred filler to restore temporal hollows and as a foundation to treat moderate to severe volume loss. RADIESSE is unique among the facial fillers because its calcium-based microsphere stimulate your own collagen to grow and regenerate thus creates a much more natural and longer lasting youthful look!


Are our newest advanced Dermal Fillers. These fillers are specifically designed to allow more flexibility for facial movements thus offer the Best Natural Looking Results! See our Gallery for before/after.  Great for lower face rejuvenation


VOLUMA $695:
Similar to Perlane and LYFT with modified hyaluronic acid (HA) and ideal for those needing mid-face lift and volume for cheek area. We strive to maintain the best price-points on all our fillers and is reason we get patients from Nashville, Knoxville, Atlanta and Huntsville.



SILK  $545:
Is a wonderful smooth soft HA filler and is specifically designed for superficial mild skin crevices and wrinkles. Comes with lidocaine and with Nurse Jill’s pre-injection numbing cream is a painless procedure. See our gallery for Nurse’s Jill’s artistry and lovable tasteful results every time!


Is designed specifically to integrate with your skin and rehydrate your skin. Belotero will smooth ugly lines around the lips and delicate creases in lower face and cheeks. Like all our fillers (except for Radiesse and Sculptra) is made from hyaluronic acid (HA) but is unique in that it can be safely injected superficially and because it attracts water is able to re-hydrate and restore smooth facial skin especially around the lips and mouth area.


Best choice for those looking for subtle and natural results over time. It’s more natural because it works by stimulating your own collagen to produces more. This is great choice for patients looking for subtle progressive changes. Sculptra’s results are the longest lasting , once you attain optimal treatments (2-3 treatments spread out over several weeks.) It’s a great option for those who have the time and money, because it does take several treatments and therefor will be more expensive over time.


DYSPORT, XEOMIN $11.00 unit (Botox is $12 per unit and is more expensive due to frequent price increases by makers, Allergan) 

If you been using Botox and switch to Xeomin or Dysport you will not see any difference in results or length of time it lasts. FYI: Many of our established patients choose DYSPORT because many like the way it kicks in faster. Truth be told, all 3 are great products and 2 weeks after treatment all 3 give great and identical results!


TYPICAL COSTS with Dysport, Xeomin per area (ie. crows feet, frown lines, forehead) is $170-$210. Number of injections: 3 – 5 per area takes 2-3 minutes for injections and causes brief very mild discomfort. New patient office visit is about 30-45 minutes and includes free consultation. Typically only 15 minutes is needed for repeat visits so many come during their lunch break and return to work after treatment. Results typically lasts 3-4 months, sometimes longer.


Care Credit Financing Is Available


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