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Services & Prices

Dr Gary and Nurse Jill are Chattanooga’s Premier Injection Specialists. We provide you with our proven expertise and safe, cost-effective treatments.  We strive to maintain the best price-points on all our Dermal Fillers. Our great and natural-looking results every time are just one of the many reasons we get loyal returning patients from Nashville, Knoxville and Atlanta!


LYFT  $565:
Recently FDA approved for mid-face lift, (same as Voluma) with better price-point and more visible Lift. LYFT Filler adds volume & lift to cheeks, deep nasolabial folds, jowls & jawline. LYFT is made of hyaluronic acid (HA) that has been modified to last longer while it works with your collagen to keep your face smooth and supple.


RESTYLANE L $545: Exclusively for Lips, under-eye circles and tear troughs. All Mouth Area treatments including LipStick lines, mild mouth area wrinkles. Restylane L comes with lidocaine and with Nurse Jill’s pre-injection numbing cream makes it a painless procedure for these sensitive areas. See our gallery for Nurse’s Jill’s artistry and lovable tasteful results every time! *NOTE: We do not use Volbella, Vollure,  Silk or Belotero in these areas because patients complain of increased swelling and sub-optimal results compared to Restylane L


We LOVE our newest advanced Dermal Fillers! These fillers are specifically designed to allow more flexibility for facial movements thus offer the Best Natural Looking Results! See our Gallery for before/after.  Great for lower face rejuvenation


VOLUMA $695:
Similar to LYFT with modified hyaluronic acid (HA) and ideal for those needing mid-face volume for cheek area, but does not have same viscosity as LYFT for actual Lifting of cheek areas.


JUVEDERM XC and Ultra Plus $585:
This time-proven filler adds more volume than regular JUVEDERM Ultra and is great for nasolabial furrows (the parentheses) and reversing frowning/sad looking mouth corners. We sometimes use it to “top-off” Voluma and Radiesse Facelifts when more volume is desired.


DYSPORT, XEOMIN $11.00 unit 

If you been using Botox and switch to Xeomin or Dysport you will not see any difference in results or length of time it lasts. FYI: Many of our established patients choose DYSPORT because many like the way it kicks in faster. Truth be told, all 3 are great products and 2 weeks after treatment all 3 give great and identical results!


TYPICAL COSTS with Dysport, Xeomin per area (ie. crows feet, frown lines, forehead) is $170-$210. Number of injections: 3 – 5 per area takes 2-3 minutes for injections and causes brief very mild discomfort. New patient office visit is about 30-45 minutes and includes free consultation. Typically only 15 minutes is needed for repeat visits so many come during their lunch break and return to work after treatment. Results typically lasts 3-4 months, sometimes longer.


Care Credit Financing Is Available


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