Prices for BOTOX and Fillers

BOTOX, DYSPORT, XEOMIN - enjoy our everyday low price of just $9.99 per unit.

TYPICAL COSTS :  Frown line plus forehead is approximately $240; Crows feet is typically around $200-240. Number of injections: 3 – 5 per area  and  takes 2-3 minutes per area. The injections can causes brief but very mild discomfort. A typical new patient treatment is about 30 minutes and includes our free consultation. Repeat Botox treatments typically take only 15 minutes and many come during their lunch break and return to work after treatment. The aesthetic results typically lasts 3-4 months, sometimes longer especially in those in 20's and 30's.

FYI: The makers of these toxins, Allergan, Galderma and  Merz spend a huge amount of money trying to convince you and injectors like us that their TOX is better. The truth is all 3 are great products. Dr Gary says that after his almost 15 years using all three, that he is unable  to tell the difference which product was used after two weeks, the maximum time for each to reach maximal affect.  However, he  agree with with the many who say Dysport tends to kick in a day or two earlier. Dr. Gary also says from his experience that how long the results last are indistinguishable regardless of 'TOX' used. Bottom line is if you choose to use the 'TOX' on sale anywhere you will save money and not lose anything regarding your results compared to your preferred toxin. Dr. Gary says that for those of you who have noticed different results between the toxins that this is more likely explained by injectors differing  techniques, concentration of product  used or even with same injector slightly differing placements of product.


KYSSE $645 for lips is here!

Kysse for lips is our newest addition to our lineup of dermal fillers and is designed specifically for lips. So far Kysse's unique properties have made it the #1 preferred lip filler by both injectors and patients alike. Specialized Kysse filler for the lips provides longer-lasting and very natural-lookingr results . For those not needing so much volume but desire to have better definition of lip borders or smoothing out of lip-stick or vertical lip lines we recommend Restylane, our original preferred lip filler since 2015. 

LYFT  for Cheeks $645: Ask about our multi-syringe discounts!

Recently FDA approved for mid-facial rejuvenation This filler adds volume and lifts your cheeks and sagging areas (same as Voluma) but with a better price-point and more visible Lift.  We use LYFT daily on cheeks, deep nasolabial folds, jowls & jawline. LYFT is made of hyaluronic acid (HA) that has been modified to last longer while it works with your collagen to keep your face smooth and supple.

DEFYNE & REFYNE $645: Ask about our multi-syringe discounts!

LOVE our newest advanced Dermal Fillers! These fillers are specifically designed to allow more flexibility for facial movements thus offer the Best Natural Looking Results for lower face rejuvenation. Especially great for accessory smile lines, jawlines, chin, jowls and Marionettes. See our Gallery for before/afters.

TEAR TROUGHS (under-eye circles) typically $645 for one syringe. This procedure requires advanced skills and gentle technique to get the best, safe, and natural-looking results.  Dr Gary and Nurse have a proven track record. This procedure is not for everyone. Please, always get a consult, no matter where you go before deciding if you are a good candidate. Proper patient selection is needed to get consistent satisfactory results. Do Not shop around for a good price or deal. There are a few other experienced injectors in the area that can do these well, but choose one only after you look at their Google reviews and before/afters on our or theirs website.

VOLUMA $695: We no longer sell this b/c we prefer Lyft over Voluma because it achieves same or better results at a much better price point. We have used Voluma for years when first came out but then after a year we noticed it did not live up to hype about lasting 2 years. LYFT has modified hyaluronic acid (HA) and is ideal for those needing mid-face volume for cheek area and has better viscosity and G' prime than Voluma so we see better lifting capacity and adds greater volume b/c its more hydrophilic (meaning it attracts and hold more water) And it's over $200 less expensive than Voluma.

JUVEDERM XC and Ultra Plus $595: We provide Juvederm and Juvederm Plus for cheeks fillers for many years but we no longer sell them because we prefer the newest line of Fillers from Galderma, Lyft, Restylane, Defyne, Refyne. We love these fillers because we get less swelling and longer lasting results. These new fillers are much more flexible than Juvederm when placed under the skin. They were designed for mid and lower face and areas of increased mobility. Both are great for nasolabial furrows (the parentheses) and reversing frowning/sad looking mouth corners. We sometimes use it to “top-off” LYFT Facelifts when more volume is desired. Great for lower and upper facial rejuvenation.

Care Credit Financing Is Available  

for all our aesthetic and facial rejuvenation services

Care Credit Financing Is Available  

for all our aesthetic and
facial rejuvenation services