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Dermal Fillers are the most popular way to enjoy safe, affordable non-surgical facial rejuvenation without the cost and downtime of typical surgical options. We are committed to natural looking, aesthetic and tasteful results every time. We guarantee you will never be 'overfilled' with us!

Our Lyft; Defyne; Refyne; Restylane, Juvederm, Voluma; Radiesse are excellent choices that will instantly lift and augment your cheeks and reverse sagging jowls and jawlines. The new FDA Approved Defyne is game-changer as it is the best filler for treating difficult jowls and other hard to treat lower facial creases. Defyne's technology is unique and its innovative "Flexibility" allows us to fill in deep creases, such as jowls  in lower face where there is a lot of movement around the mouth. So now with Defyne filler we are able to get a more natural and aesthetically pleasing result on jowls and all lower face creases.

Radiesse has been around longer and has great safety track and is ideal for those with more sagging as it has superior lifting properties.

Sculptra is excellent choice for those looking for best natural improvements over time. We know, there are lots of choices and it can be confusing. We love sit down with you to explain more about these wonderful options and help you choose which filler is best for you.

We prioritize natural results and always explore cost-conscious treatment plans. Typically there is no bruising or downtime because we use the most advanced injection technology with soft flexible needles called cannulas. Each filler is different but results last in range between 12-24 months. Our fillers will correct many age-related facial features. We can correct just one area of your choice separately or we can correct several areas during one (sometimes 2-3) treatment sessions. For example, our dermal fillers will:

  • Lift and restore youthful cheeks.
  • Lift and reverse sagging jowls and jawlines.
  • Lift and Fill in Marionette lines and frowning mouth corners.
  • When all these areas are treated at the same time we call this a Dermal Filler FaceLift or Liquid FaceLift
  • Filler FaceLifts give you a more refreshed, rested and energetic look; in many cases some look 5+ years younger and best part no one will know how. We place a huge priority on natural-looking results every time!

During your free consultation Nurse Lacy Gill and Dr. Gary will assess your unique facial features, skin type, varying degrees of skin damage, collagen depletion and skin laxity. We have a huge before/after photo gallery as well and the newest technology with computer simulation that allows you to see your own “virtual” post-treatment photo.

“Educated consumers are our favorite patients.”

Our primary goal during your free consultation is to provide you with helpful information, realistic expectations and cost-conscious treatment options. Our safe and cost-effective dermal filler options such as Lyft, Defyne, Restylane, Kysse, Radiesse, Voluma, Juvederm may be best choice to treat your area(s) of concern. Sculptra is a great option for those who don’t mind spending a little more to get more subtle and natural results over course of several treatments.

There is always time for questions and there is never an obligation. I am a firm believer that all patients ought to have enough information prior to making any medical or cosmetic decision to treat. Dermal Filler treatments are expensive so it’s in everyone's best interest to have a healthy dialogue regarding cost, options and expected results. “Educated consumers are our favorite patients.” If you decide to have treatment then we can either do it during your initial visit or we can reschedule you at your convenience Our goal during the treatment will be to maximize your comfort and offer you several numbing options. We are never in a rush and your comfort is most important to us. Both Nurse Jill and I have a ton of experience using the soft, flexible, non-bruisng technique (Softfil blunt cannulas). The Dermal filler treatments take 30-45 minutes and there is no down time. Most go about their normal activities that day but avoid direct sun and extreme exercise for next 24 hours.

Results from our dermal filler treatments range from subtle to outright astonishing! Many of our patients receive and enjoy huge compliments from their friends after getting Dermal Filler treatments (aka "liquid facelifts") with LYFT, RESTYLANE, JUVEDERM, VOLUMA, DEFYNE, REFYNE or RADIESSE. We strive always to give you the most aesthetically pleasing and natural-looking enhancement so others will not know you had any work done. That will be your secret to share or not to share! Oftentimes the results are so “uplifting” that our patients’ mood and self-esteem are greatly improved.

“Let the buyer Beware.”

FDA requires all dermal fillers LYFT, RESTYLANE, DEFYNE, REFYNE, RADIESSE, VOLUMA, VOLBELLA, JUVEDERM, VOLLURE and SCULPTRA treatments be administered by trained facial cosmetic specialists who have experience with advanced deep-tissue injection techniques. Lyft, Radiesse and Voluma require much deeper placement in order for its volumizing and lifting properties to work and look natural. Sculptra requires a totally different injection technique and injector must get proper training and have vast experience in order to provide optimally aesthetic treatment results. All procedures require extensive knowledge and experience with deep facial anatomy. This is critical to maximize long-lasting results and avoid injuring underlying nerves and arteries. Make sure your nurse or doctor injector does frequent dermal filler injections of the specific filler you are getting. For instance a doctor/nurse may have extensive experience with Juvederm or Voluma but not with Radiesse, Sculptra or Silk for lips. You will know you are in safe hands when the treating doctor or nurse injects on an everyday basis and has a large gallery of before and after photos he/she is willing to share with you. These facial fillers are costly and if not done right can be wasted money and unsafe. So please do your homework!

“Its been over a year and I’m still loving my VOLUMA!”
Gina Jones, Age 50, Chattanooga, TN

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